What am i doing ?

I promised

A life , a Treasure i found back in time where the date and time was
12:34:56, 07/08/09
a total remembrance ..
believing that would make a change and it really did
for once, I've fell and tumble over this jewel
brightly shines in white, with a silver ring dangling over

the jewel, founded something in me i guess .. so
as days past i promised to carefully take care of this jewel
if it happens to break I'm gonna break again .
promised my self to bring this jewel piece with me
day by day as i go with life ..

it's beautifully made .. just at times it needed some polish to make it shine
it has been tough way before it was form
which i truly understands and i would still remain backing it up
what ever i can to just make it shine as usual..

it's cute nothing less, it's sufficient to satisfied me
with that look , when it's glowing it really did something in my heart
just wonder will it take tiny commitments to be with me, anyway it's a jewel

but ..

With much love and care ..
hope it will last with me forever as i promised ..

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