What am i doing ?

Closed ..

for now this blog is closed .. coz i lazy to blog edy .. sorry sorry..

Walking in the Rain

A photography project that i am doing currently .. very much speaks about someone real life story for a time being .. Walking in the rain is inspired by Auron Declan based on a true story, describing moments .. "When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls! " ~Ted Grant
the theme song for this photo shoot was also based by this song : "walking in the rain" .. by auron declan. * enjoy and wait for it =]

I promised


A life , a Treasure i found back in time where the date and time was
12:34:56, 07/08/09
a total remembrance ..
believing that would make a change and it really did
for once, I've fell and tumble over this jewel
brightly shines in white, with a silver ring dangling over

the jewel, founded something in me i guess .. so
as days past i promised to carefully take care of this jewel
if it happens to break I'm gonna break again .
promised my self to bring this jewel piece with me
day by day as i go with life ..

it's beautifully made .. just at times it needed some polish to make it shine
it has been tough way before it was form
which i truly understands and i would still remain backing it up
what ever i can to just make it shine as usual..

it's cute nothing less, it's sufficient to satisfied me
with that look , when it's glowing it really did something in my heart
just wonder will it take tiny commitments to be with me, anyway it's a jewel

but ..

With much love and care ..
hope it will last with me forever as i promised ..

My Drawing > Digital art

I draw this when i was in the bus, in the teksi and at home .. took me three days to draw it .. and half day to color it .. :)
here goes :)

Day 1 outing with RudzX

MY friend got his ass over here to Malaysia all the way from Medan ..
and i got him from airport .. then when back home to get his rest .. then late in the evening we decided to watch movie over in mid valley .. "The proposal" according to him Medan has not show this movie yet .. prolly a few months later so i said your the lucky one who watch the movie b4 your country does ..

Scott's Photoshoot

Decided to do some evil looking Gothic look ..
Got my friend to do the modeling part, while i did a mini studio in his room and some lighting set up and i did i make up also ..

here goes ..

Out of Randomsness


love that buds.

hidden memories