What am i doing ?

When a HILUX got a Flat tyre

Woke up early .. got my sick friend up .. so that he can drive me off to work ..
and then this is what happend ..
when off to the car saw my friend's hilux tyre was flat ..
some one eventually had taken of that tyre air .. it's a sabotage !! assuming the mak cik who sells Nasi lemak did it..
reasons: we parked in a proper parking lot.. but she sells nasi lemak around there, and the parking lots were made for her to put her tables..

So decided to have breakfast at her shop and while then awaits for the toll track man from Toyota, because the service is free.
while waiting, decided to take some pictures with Nokia E series mobile phone.
here goes ..

the flat tyre

this guy were doing his job

they jack the car up

some random abstract

got the Tyre fixed, and the mak cik was looking at us with a KIND of look ..
the end i got my ass back to office at 11 - 12 pluss ...

bla bla bla bla ..
in the night had photoshooting with scott ..
gothic theme .. ( photo's to be updated soon ! )

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