What am i doing ?

It’s been A while Now

When it is been really a while ever since i posted something here, I was really busy with stuff and now i am still busy preparation for a lot a lot of stuff.. Work + Studies + Weddings (not mine) so far i got 4 in my list for this year, coming one is this saturday .. aihz .. For the past months i have not updated: here goes on what i did and where i go and some other random stuff i did past months..  Jan till Current (in between there also a lot of stuff going on like work and assignments)

Begins with:

Kevin Wedding

The Newly married Couple



Mount Kinabalu and Sabah Trip.


My Temporary Room – Thanks to Alvin Lim

Mount K hiking (Darren was like – I want to go back and why did I pay just to get tired!)

But it was worth climbing and to have the experience.

When I arrived there it was 9.8 Celsius

The next day early in the morning! I conquer mount k, wind was blowing cold!

The evening sunset at the top of the mount

Mount Kinabalu J

Chinese New year

Sick for 4 Weeks, Stomach was not feeling well: either infection of stomach ulcer or diarea or gastric. ( very memorable coz i loose 5kg in a week )

4Th breakup

Shifted to two hse in One Month

Settled myself in new hse by march

Finally meet up with my form 1 class mate @ good buddy after searching him for 8 years !

CF joint Camp

Terence and Renee Wedding

My Everfirst Nude photography of a model

Outing with MArk and MAX and MorTigou ( * all the M )

Genting Trip

MMU Fom Prom night

Coming Soon Jane And Nelson Wedding.

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