What am i doing ?

The Perfect Girl

A question was brought out today for me to answer. And here goes ..

The perfect girl for me that i would always dream of, this are the criteria for me to choose one. I believe that someday i would have her with all this perfect image in her.
  1. Smiling all the time.
  2. Which Practice good hygiene.
  3. Which love to Take good care of her skin.
  4. Which Do not swear excessively.
  5. Who don't wear a lot of jewelry.
  6. Being her self for real.
  7. A hardworking girl.
  8. Who don't show off.
  9. Which is not immature to think.
  10. Who never compare her self with other girl.
  11. Have the mentality of living a healthy lifestyle.
  12. Which go and Work out, or at most is exercise.
  13. Not Anti-social.
  14. Which often get her beauty sleep not the one with "24/7" sleeping.
  15. The girl who Have the right mind set.
  16. Which don't "rule" the relationship.
  17. Having equal yoke as me ~ in religion.
  18. Which have the patient and courage.
Never the less it is never easy to have this kind of girl at this era. I pray to God that my future wife would have all this criteria, as for now, being a single ~ i shall wait and patiently wait while then pray and enjoy being single and also start finding for one .. Woo Hoo ( ~ i like to move it move it ~ ) .. - but as long i don't have to get married after i am at the age of 26, my target the max i can go is 29. Not rushing but i don't want a young kid when i am 50: need a to enjoy my old age before i die .. hehe ..

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i've found 1..and i LOVE her..hehehe xD

what about the perfect guy? know any? ;)