What am i doing ?

My teens .. soon be Gone

A day which I'll finally post up something on my blog .. before my teen days is gone ..
A memory will i never forget ..
and guess what today is my 80 post.

As for many things .. i wished just one thing
one thing that I've longed for ..

is my mom to celebrate my birthday with me along with other family members
Trough many hardship she been with me 19 years now, 20 years tomorrow .
This is for my mom.

year one,
she born me out to this world

year two,
she taught me discovery of the world

year three,
she taught me ABC

year four,
she taught me how to take care of others, as my bro just got out of the world.

year five,
she taught me how to share things

years six,
she sent me to school

year seven,
she taught me to be independent

year eight,
she was there for me teaching me how to revise my subjects

year nine,
she carried me to the hospital, and take care of me when i was admited

year ten,
she taught me how to cook

year eleven,
she taught me much more on how to be truthfull

year twelve,
she hopes me to do well for my exam, she waited for me in the car and pray: my exam starts till it's over.

year thirdteen,
she taught me so much on loving my siblings much more. LOVE is eternal, LOVE is everlasting, LOVE does not hurt.

year fourteen,
here goes again she starts to understand me much more

year fifteen,
she sent me to school and say study hard, Do well and again waited me for my PMR exam.

year sixteen,
she said " this is not a honeymoon year " study ! study ! for SPM ..

year seventeen,
she say good .. whats your plan now . your a big boy now ..

year eighteen,
she say " we will help you for your university finance .. just study and do well, the rest we will take care for you. don't have to worry. and she plans to go work overseas to earn for me .. to continue my studies ..

year nineteen,
a year where she is busy doing her stuff and in many times she treat me for dinner, watch movie in the cinema with me .. making a point to celebrate my birthday.

year twenty .. soon ...
she already gave me rm50 for my present ..
but i wanted just one thing .. she to be there when i am 20.

All i could say i miss her, and i love her so so much ...

and finally twenty in a minute ...

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HOHOHOHOHO...Welcome to the 20s :whistle:

No longer a small kid, can
Ahpek..Welcome aboard!!!!!

Lol...you not a boy yet a man...
congratz that you become an adult but i still you cannot go inside the genting casino lol...

zhu ni shen re kuai le!!! :P