What am i doing ?

Video Post Production Assignment

In one night i did this .. this is also another reason why i am so so busy lately.. the whole concept of this is all about karina, she she and she ... but what she think ?? .. So watch it .. wahaha ... (it's a movie trailer called Kerana Karina) - can be annoying .. but there is a reason ..


You are given a task by your producer to create a VCD movie trailer. The trailer must distill the best moments without producing any spoilers. Pay attention to music or soundtracks, text, and editing. You may extract and use any footages or scenes from the movie. The trailer must be more than 2 minutes but not more than 3 minutes. It must be appealing as this trailer is target to promote the movie as well as the actor and actresses that stars in the movie.

Work Task: Individual project
352px X 288px (PAL VCD resolution)
Duration: 120 - 180 Seconds
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Elements: Trailer’s element
Objectives: 1. To develop editing skills and integrate with other supportive elements (audio/text/composition)
2. To make sure that all the information connects to the audience + interesting + sells

Software: Anything goes as long you deliver

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wahh, you doing editing movie too woh...cool!

wahh, cool! you know how to edit movie =D