What am i doing ?

MY self promo motion Graphic (assignment)

This animation is done by a total flash .. and illustrator .. and this is one of the reason i am so so busy !! assignment .. (compare kungfu panda intro and this that is much more work to do )

The product: You ( as an aspiring creative multimedia designer)
Medium: Audio Visual presentation
Objective: To earn a place as a valuanle multimedia designer in the industry
Strategy: Creative, Good design skills and execution and competitive effort..
duration: 60 second.
(I eliminate the sound due to file size of uploading .. )

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Cute man.. How u do it? So smart.. HAHAHA,, ANYWAY,keep it up.

cute, ish ish ... flash and illustrator :P

I like it. Very cool. Keep up the good work!

Nice =)

wah i think u really did a good job. ur in MI is it? i think i did stg similar. omg ! its the same brief la!

haha thxx, mich yar it shud be the same brief .. hehehe