What am i doing ?


Don't say i didn't warn you.. this is a condom ad produce by me for my class assignment ... It can sound wrong but no sexual explicit images ..

Creative Brief:

Why are we advertising?

-To have safe sex, To implant adults thoughts in having a safe sex practice by using a reliable condom and also to prove that this product is so much more reliable compare to other brands. Besides that also it’s to promote and increase the sales for this product, to bring realization that using an having safe sex is apart of living a healthy life style

Whom are we talking to?

- Adult (Men’s), age group from 21 and above.

What do they currently think?

-Having sex without condom has more self pleasure compare to using a condom, and having “clean” sex is not highly having the chances to get transmitted disease.

What would we like them to think?

-Use condom, will prevent them from having disease and infection with that also having the same self satisfaction as if it is without it for a healthy lifestyle. Without the usage of condom in sex it’s a health risking. Using condoms is an Equal protection as not having sex.

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?

-Durex condom brings maximum satisfaction to the user for a better health.

Why should they believe it?

-Durex condom comes in various types and it’s tested before it’s used.

Are there any creative guidelines?

-Television commercial ads.

1) What are the key features of the product?

Thin, durable, reliable, for a better health.

2) What are the key benefits?
Provide high satisfaction, and also it prevents from getting infected by transmitted disease.

3) How is the product different from its competition (if at all)?
Even though it’s thin but it cannot break apart, or even a hole on the product during usage.

4) Which benefits are exclusive? Which are better? (these are USPs) Examples: More economical, faster, more convenient, more reliable, more variety, guaranteed, better service, etc.
More reliable, and it’s guaranteed.

5) Which USP is most important?
It’s reliable and prevents from disease.

6) If the product/service is not different from its competition, which benefit could be stressed that has not been stressed by the competition?
It comes in various types and provides to individual satisfaction.

7) What are the applications of this product/service?
Just use it, It’s reliable and guaranteed.

8) What problem does it solve for the buyer?
To have a better lifestyle with a better health and highly prevented from transmitted disease (STDs) such as Chlamydia, HIV, AIDS, Gonorrhea, Herpes Genitals, Genital Warts, and Syphilis.

9) How is the product positioned against the competition?
As the product is concerned Health safety comes first with this, the product is positioned in a manner where the condom is thin, reliable, durable, which give full satisfaction and it’s guaranteed that it is reliable and durable

Target Audience
1) Who will buy the product?

Adult (Men’s), age group from 21 and above.

2) What is the character of the buyer?
Having precautions thoughts from being infected by disease. Wanting to have a full satisfaction with a healthy lifestyle.

3) What will motivate them to buy this product?
To have full satisfaction with a healthy lifestyle, to have safe sex, Cheaper in price, Convenient to get it from stores (pharmacies, drugstore, petrol station, 7-eleven).

4) What TV channel/s would this ad appear on?
Astro – Movie package ( Astro Kirana, HBO, Cinemax, STAR Movies), Sports package (Astro Super Sport, ESPN, STAR Sports, The Golf Channel, Eurosport)

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