What am i doing ?

Light Sculpture

I was bored in the room one night and this is what i did test out, using my colorful laser light and my DSLR to sculpture anything so this is the outcome...

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are you sure about that?

berto xxx

hey hey, coolest one i've ever seen yet, keep it up!

I'm a fan! love these light sculptures! coolest one i've ever seen yet! very nice detailed sharp cheers!

i dont understand how u did that.. explain pls..

ohh thxx :),
tim: ermm slow shutter average aperture, low iso. use a tripod or something stable to hold the camera the you use a auto click mode, then you start drawing with light and imagination... result to be like that.

oh. ic.. good job!

hehe :)

light sculptures are teh super awesome! *mesmerized*

omg.. ur serious?
u drew all that in the air?


ya of course ? am i joking .. wahahaha
Imagine the image is infront and then trace the image which you imagine ...can be done :)