What am i doing ?


My busy week going to past ... this what had past and there is more to come !! I am so busy .. Club activities + work + assignment + event + personal time = life really a trill !!

my current messy looking desktop

what happen when after my assignment

no smelly but dirty sock, after ballroom class

my room after my assignment due date

what i did for my assignment

design the layout only

my cd cover for my multimedia cd

my journal looking booklet ... the prototype i forgot to take pic of it .. I am so so busy ! for now ! to be updated !!

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blog hopper here. =)
nice the layout design...you're a graphic design?

thx :) something like that :P

wahh.. i like the design! i want one if you are making one ;) hehe..

by the way, YOUR ROOM SO MESSY!! ARGH!!!