What am i doing ?

4 once I can't make a decision on my path way.

~ me when i was sick one day ~

I'm tired ........

In my brains,
life is never a bed of roses
never a pillow of feathers
only tears can be said
but seems no words to express

a poem from me to you
never will i forget the things i wished i would
this is never a sweet words
nasty as it is but it hurts

i am tired as time take me to day by day
as i meet, it will go, somehow fades away
things always have junction
which i never noe how to choose

hard as a rock,
but soft as what is inside me.
a droplet of tears, is a droplet of love
a drip of blood, is a drip of death.

as taking a chance to change
i am still miserable
a life filled with puzzle
but it just dont fit anymore...

it seems ...
it hurts ..
i'm pointless ...

lastly i am useless ..
tears *

*william shakespear is better

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