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Penang Trip

Off headed to Penang from Melaka, which took us 9 hours with 3 bus interchange, Amazed ? it was one freaking long journey and was super tired traveling and sitting, but had lot of sleep in a day. the first day ate in Luis hse, Our host and then when out to watch movie in Queensbay mall.
Day 2, breakfast somewhere which me also dunno where, which was Yong Tau Foo and stuff. then went Komtar walk walk, find Cendol which took 30 minutes to find that Cendol stall, one farney thing was Me and Gary called and ask Penang people about this famous Cendol, they first say it was nice, and they know that cendol but when i ask where is it actually located they say i dunno.. How sad.. only apply to certain people nia, but thanks for your help .In the night we went around Sg Dua, some road side stall eat fried oyster. Then went to super tanker to eat Apam .. then went to Auto city take take pic, round round then go to tanjung city marina eat nasi kandar. headed off to Clan Pier to take picture..
Day 3, lunch a Batu Feringgi, oyster mee, friend minced pork and steam fish with bee hoon. after that we went up to Bukit Bendera, take pic what else and visited this bird park i suppose. In the night we went to gurney drive to this stall called Bali Hai, where we ate drunken prawns, simple mix veg with petai, fried sotong, salted egg crab.
Day 4, Bak kut teh with yam rice for breakfast, then we went eat in RIbs at Jln Burma, which ate there for lunch. Pork ribs, Lamb chop and rib eye. Head back to Luis hse for dinner, our bus back was at 11pm reach Melaka was 5am .. ~the end~

On Penang bridge

Yam rice

Yong Tau Foo

fried stuff


Pancake @ apam Shop

In autoCity

Oyster Mee

Fried minced pork

Steamed fish with bee Hoon topping

Bukit bendera View

Gurney area

Jln burma - Ribs BarbQue restaurant

Bak Kut Teh

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Dropping by to say hi... Also... The fried stuff is actually called 'Lobak' in Penang :P