What am i doing ?

Ipoh On Da Move

Arrived in Ipoh, after all the bugs were splatted on the car like bird droppings and killed by the speed of the Gary's car ( not his fault our fault cause chasing for time to eat breakfast there) and and then hor morning midst were like some road being fogged, totally cant see the road .. Woke up late too suppose to move earlier ended up moving at 5 then arrive Ipoh i think was around 7 like that .. I did not sleep in car Too. One making history tinging reasons ask the person who was with me at that point of time. What a Journey !! Well then we arrive in Ipoh the first thing I did was gush into MC dee's Toilet. *Stomachache !! so Off to human force. Bla Bla , Nai Syhong come dee.

Some where on the way

This is how early we went

When arrive become like this liow

Ipoh McDonalds

Take Picture around the area

Then found this ( it's edited !! )

Time When we arrive at Location

Nai Shyong come to bring go Hang Kai

The reason for killing those insect it 's to have space in this dim sum shop, which is always known as one of the nices dim shop in town and always full with people. The FO SUM dim sum shop.

Guess what they doing ? Nai Shyong is actually checking the list on where to go, prepared by Gary.

Our host for breakfast, from left is Nai Shyong, Li Yi and Grace. ( gary frenz )

YUMMY dim sum ( just got no flag but i simply put one )

After that we when ahead for this egg tart and also the chicken pie not mistaken .. they taste good too and It's freshly baked from the oven.

The next stop was to get this chicken pie which is like another end of the street from the egg tart location.

Then go to this shop, however they just oni starting to setup the shop so did not had the chance to go drink there, It's another spot where people who have high taste of soya bean goes to .

After that we walk to this shop, which sells salted chicken. It's actually a chicken wrap with tracing paper and being cooked with Chinese herbs and lot's of salt. one box cost 16 rinngit . should try eating it, nice even it's salty ( prolly i like salt a lot ) .. For me one chicken is not enough :) hehe
Restoran Kim Bali, is one intresting shop . The interior is very nice !! not forgetting thier yummy foods ... ( feel hungry thinking of those food there hehe )


The Interior and exterior

some ulam thinging.

Pork stuff

Mango thinging


Deep fry vege

Bean curd and veg

Fried Sambal Belacan Pucuk Paku Pakis

Over All Food, for six

.: Peeps who when dinner :.

The last stop of the day is Hawker stall somewhere away from Kim Bali.

Fruit ABC with ice cream

This one neh bought from Nam Heong, It's called the "Char Siew Soh" ( which is in the brown box ) the egg tart is the ones with cup cakes wrapping checked red and white paper ( In case you don't know what is it )

Then go beck to Nay Shyong hse ..


The Next Morning we headed off to Ming court Hong Kong Dim Sum, Here goes of day two.

Then we went to this no name shop, got la but i dunno how to read CINA nia .. they are in black color calligraphy words at their shop pillar, As far as i know it is beside KAFE ZUN SENG FATT.

This is egg castard ! Not CARAMEL looks like but it's not.

Because it taste good ( bitter a bit, weird taste ) I learn how to appreciate it then. Whahaha. I gave Gary to eat it up i think.

Satay which is on the table, if you eat you pay, if you don't leave it and the person wont charge you. Special service !!

One Strong coffee, I did not drink this ! coz got caffeine bad for migraine people !

The path between shops.

We then, move our location to 4.612700, 101.097736 in "SPO" to be exact. Some where around the KTM station of Ipoh.

We finally got bored with something, probably were just tired. I guess ! but it still on going.
started with a pose.
and Then i thought out something against, since got no people, why not sit beside the train track just that you can't do this everywhere so we did. JUST ONCE and never again * i think.

don't DO this at HOME ! ( because at home you don't have train track )

Here comes when we started to get hyper active.

It did not just stop there, then later on we went to this Chinese temple called Sam Poh Tong.

Outside view


Inside drawing or should it be called as Wall of Art

Thats the steep stair on the left of the picture, which we got to climb so that we could get to the other side of the cave.

View from above to the town of Ipoh.

What is there at the top, basically it is just stone, trees but a nice place to have self meditation.

WHO WENT UP ? Me, Gary, Nai Shyong and no one else. haha

Getting out from the temple.

The next stop we went to GUNUNG LANG, not a big one 20% the size out of Gunung Ledang.
We then took a boat to across the lake to another park which were in between mountains and trees, even if you shout there LOUD no one could here or will bother you de. So if want to go there go there with friends ..

Did not take this boat of course, something much more better than this with shade of course, because it was HOT at that time.

Head of to this place. Look nice but it some kind of " JIN BERTENDANG " area.

THE creep house.

Tower of the park, did not go in . *wonder why i did not go there.



Here goes, tired and nothing much to do there so better get something to do. Second attempt to get the crazy going, started with a pose again .. wahaha

Then we try something retard . If you can do this, we got something in common.. one eye still the other look inwards.

Our high level rise like siow, laugh and do farney stuff ..

Penat just take pic like this.

Thinking what else can we do for the sake of wasting time, forget to tell bout the we had to make a time appointment with the boat driver, thinking there was something to do in this park decided to take more hours here. But when we reach totally deserted area just got no brown sand nia.

Wait for it.

Wait for it ..

DO this more often if you can ( prolly will koyak more seluar ), if you cant better ! join me then ( save pants from being tear ) .. wahaha.

You can never hold a sun, but for this case you can ! holy fire !

Some animals which were at our drop off when we were going back edy.

Last Pic of the day, BLEKK !

~ went to Port Dickson after that ~

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hey! wow.. some really beautiful pics!