What am i doing ?

Midvalley outDrive

Some how and some where of maybe just loiter around three of us went to Midvalley, only God knows how whats the reason, I kinda loose memories of what we were doing there.. ASK Gary, If you want to find out more .. hahaha ~ Anyway roughly what we did ..

When you go into the restaurant, you look at the menu or the deco ? what Victor did was look at the menu first and think what to eat ..

Then while waiting for a Good Meal in Nando's Quite slow, just have to wait nia .. restless people sure do stupid stuff, that is what we do then .. Presenting Gary art of expression ..

COPYING restless mood ...
Finally i saw this and this is the idea on what i was thinking when i first saw this in Nando's while waiting for my meal, and a chick put this up while moping the floor .. dun think wrongly ... ~ hahaha ~

Then came the food !!

SO after a fulfilling meal, Went to Machine and I got pull back by this competition ..

And can loan the IPOD's for the day .. Just to think What to do for the competition, it's just doing creative pose and take pic only ..

.. I did This .. GIVING idea was next on my list to victor ..

The winner for the competition did this ..

" y got one bulge there one "
.. then Off we head back home ..

When back, I was kinda of tired, so I dose of .. ~ Gary took my sleeping picture ~ .. I ain't going to pose here ( so ugly) , with dreams to win the IPOD but in the end did not. Gary got it . WEll life has to go on anyway and this is what it can be .. sumtimes ..

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