What am i doing ?

Early In Putrajaya

Did not sleep for the whole day? Actually i Can't really recall what happen and how did we ended up to Putrajaya for photo shooting, Probably was on holiday or was too stress with assignment. NOT sure ! but was sure Me and Gary went out early morning around 4 am till 7 plus.. This roughly what we did !

Somewhere isolated which is quite near to this place

Lying Down in the middle of the road, something that not always can be done !

Someone Grave yard !

Funny color of a tunnel !

^ It's edited original is orange color ! ^

Trying to shoot the scenery, ( Night shot tips, you need to stabilize your camera )

Time pass The sky was blue

Still fully awake not sleepy !

Finally the sun rose and it when into Gary mouth .. hahaha .. went home after that !

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wow ur photos are superb and creative!!! u took it ur self? u r a dslr user too? cool... u will love SO coz there's lot of dslr here in SO ;)

yea, i am .. i can see that ..