What am i doing ?

New year 2007/ 2008

Taking a new step to a new year at The Curve, with Jun, Gary and Victor Kee. Had dinner in Marche and awaits new year of 2008. In the process of going here and there as usual take picture lor . Here it is .. ..

.: awesome beverage bar :.

.: nice Steak, half cooked de :.

.: i dun really like this cfood piz :.

.: yucky bitter baked caramel pudding :.

.: sausages is awesome :.

.: I love this rootbeer taste :.

.: it's been a while looking at this much of fruits :.

Basically those are our dinner in Marche, nothing much .. then we went off to the parade or countdown "site". Filled with lot's of people, playing with "cream" spray. I dunno what is it called.. hahaha, which looked like cream but cannot be eaten, smelly and watery. Some concert was up, My favorite singer Zainal Abidin was there too ..

.: Firework after countdown :.

.: Ladies first :.

.: Pay back time :.

.: Smart Gary spray on himself :.

.: Gary had a lot of topping on his head :.

.: Gary's revenge :.

.: Mine to give him back :.

.: He attack me after that :.

.: Time to cekik him back :.

.: Jun did the same :.

.: Victor EMO coz he got no chance edy :.

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