What am i doing ?

I cant get over it

Days has pass, i still cant get over it
it seems now at this period of time i just couldn't sleep
is now 6.38 am in the morning i woke up,
thinking the pass which should be forgotten,
Thinking of it makes me more depress but how can i forget it
moving on to the next phrase just so hard for me
starting of ,

WHO am i actually ?
i my self cant even really tell who i am what i am . . .
i'm not in a stone case mood at this hour but just this
i lost my own identity of my characteristic

Where i come from ?
I could tell about this but it was the past, when i was be as a son
now, where do i come from ?
i could not really state it because it has pass.

In a current situation of thinking
what i should do, not as a son already
but as a person. I lost all my motivation of moving on
I am so screwed as a being here, though in this world i may not be the only one who is in the situation of this. Hanging on my own is just so hard for me to stand by what i based on.
It's been shaken badly, emotional affected by things surround.
I barely could take words which is hard.
Stated indirectly, and all in all in result of being a burden to some one else
I dun want me my self to be a burden to some one but
needed someone to be there for me this entire hardship i have

I may not speak a lot this days
i may not seems what i am on the outside
but deep within i am tired, stress and depress

I break down many time in a week
I could even speak out for my self to things which i suppose to
how could i stand on my own now ?

I am such a lousy person
just cant even move on .. ..

Heartache = heartbreak

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