What am i doing ?

Blessed to be with.

I've got a few of them, what do i call them? makes many differences
( ko, kor, bro...)
their character, their attitudes, who are they what are they makes many genuine character being portray as a good bro. I never did have a real older brother, i never know what is it like being a little one, never know how it feel, but always wanting someone older, a brother indeed was someone better to talk personal issue with. As i mix around i finally found one who can be with, relay on, share with . As i am writing it all, i do want to tell him how much he means to me AS A BRO, besides i just feel like highlighting one of them which i felt much Lov3 by him in a short period, surprisingly.
(* i am not a gay but stating the fact of being loved )

How i meet ? was by around in time when i joined a "society"
classic in memories, we were just friends of hi and bye.
Time flees indeed it was as i begun the friendship.
Issues beyond certain things were just click by,
Outings arrangements were just there somehow,
hanging out with, was gathering what was needed in friendship.
beyond among understandings being a good listener was there.

Indeed it was never looking good, admit it was never perfect,
Quarrel around things sometimes,
rubbing around shoulders do affect each other again.
Delay and unpunctual appointments was always me,
being a kind friend was him,
He forgives and he forgets,
never know he controls his temper at times.
impatiently he awaits,
but still he was there to love.
somehow somewhere.

Away and it moves,
Pass no 13 in 2008 was something could not be forgotten
a quote which represents it " a rose is loving you in blue".
from then on it was different lingo already.
a word which states it, makes a different i guess.
many thanks but no thanks i guess ?
it make no sense sometimes around but then
better to move on or not to do so.

Got a long way by pass,
"31 century the day when we died along".
again it makes no sense i guess, but used too it a juice of my lips..
one of his favorite is brown melted candies.
bitter and sweet was around his taste.
anywhere around you'll find it from.
31 was repeated some how.
again it shud not be memories.

Many covers done by him,
Avoiding me from the blame,
from things which should not happen on the spot.
interestingly there is time which i could not understand why he do certain thing.
leave and go on has to be the perfect action to do.
some thing need to be stated self sacrificing was
time to time being made by.
trust being put at stake was something which not many can do
but was made by at his first move
on a chess board on a flatten heated road.

Me myself cant be the perfect one to understand
be still in to be blessed by what he has done,
cant be state by words here, much ...
the best i have wrote is here but the best which has been written is in the heart
gratitudes and thankfulness being stated again.

Blessed to be with ....

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