What am i doing ?

wild brains

My days of living has been up and downs, wondering whether it will end someday..
things changes in every moment every minute, how long can i go on with this current ?
Life's tough ...
At times it so happy to be in certain situation, understanding new things,
when changes comes it seems so wrong, seems i am so blind with it.

where do i go and seek attention to?
where do i seek for help ?
Parents ? friends ?
or location ?

happy hours makes thing so easy, so fun to be in ..
happy and gladness makes the world to turn up ways

sad come in a wrong time, it's always a trouble to be in..
sad and grief makes the world turn up side down .
It's a horror?

as i think back .. at times sadness bring good news ..
at times happiness bring bad news at the end of it ..

Hard hard..
confusion ?!@#$%^&*

which choice to i have to take, but do i have one ?
Hard ...
God gave us choice at times it's just a default choice ..
Why ...

thing running trough my mind are just like water flowing without putting a stop to it ..

Oh GOsh ...

I seems to be like crapping when i write down all the things that runs into my mind..

what do i think now? why the hell it's so dusty in this area of zone ..

what did do to you when till you got to insult me in this manner ... dumping stuff on my bed ? do you really think i am like a pig .. Please i do hate it ..

what the hack, old fashion song .. choose it for a presentation ...

by the way u choose that YMCA song was so funny ... just like promoting YMCA only .. hahaha ...
just not suitable ..

why do i have to type many things,
what do i do later ?
play badminton ..

tomorrow what shall i do after church ? go and rest or makan or maybe just go and eat .. then only go work ...
how about my audition of my dance ? do i have to do so ?
it's a bit weird that i got to do a audition tomorrow .. argghhh ..

things are really running wild in my brains when it just comes out, and here i am typing them out ..

ohh i wash my cloth i got to go and hang it later and wash it again,

i wonder where is ah pung i need his help to repair my com .. now it's really urgent .. haih .. i wonder how it will be ? oh gosh ...
how do register my course ..
do i have to go class next week ? do i need to do all that ? again again ...

money oh money when are you coming to me ...

I am broke ...
i am broke ...

work work .. wondering should i get more jobs? but can i cope up with those ?
can i handle?
what will people say ?

I will be wasting my uni life by working and not enjoying them ?

but my parents did not stop me from working this time .. every one seems to allowed me to work .. I wonder why this time

It's so weird when they want me to concentrate on my studies at first but this time around it's okey to work .. I wonder a lot ..
but can i assure that i can cope up with my assignment and also my work ..

which church should i decide on .. GOd help me on that .. My choice are totally completely deceive by things .. around ...

Block things,m i open a door for me .. really need to be known about it as soon as possible .. what step shud i take now?


written with brain not knowledge ..

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