What am i doing ?

A cycle

Today decided to do something on my blog, after a while when i have been putting aside time for my blog even when i am free to update it ...well it's been long i would say and lacking of ideas at this hour ..

As time goes by, I'll have something to write about, that for sure. well Last early morning something got onto me, around 4 5 am in the morning, i moved on my bed and there goes my leg begun to cramp, it's been long i did not get it, I suppose my body has been reducing calcium, I am really suffering on this. It hurts when ever i get it .. besides i had it twice and there goes my leg, torn tissues in it ..

I was awake during the beginning of pain, and pain brought me to sleep till the next day. Rise and shine, my leg hurts. And it was a cold morning for me .. Still the same me.

However I've noticed something about my hair when i was washing up looking at a brown framed mirror, My hair was in shape and also it was seriously stylish than before.. could not imagine what i did when i was asleep with pain. what a funny discovery.

As time goes by, i was online and also i was updating my friendster as usual .. As time passes again all i know it was 5pm, what a boring day, however then came some thoughts, wondering what i have done for the pass few hours, as i think and think again i realize i was online for the whole morning doing something which is not so beneficial as i can spend something better in fact ..

5pm itself, there goes get changed and off for badminton for an hour. came back again i was doing nothing this time around i was at my computer desk but i was watching movie on another computer, while then washing my cloths and so on, till it was 12.30 i was back on my desk.

I start to reply my mortal messages after a while leaving. well it's been great to have him as my mortal..

wahaha so that i can bully him, nah just joking around, anyways till then i was back to my friendster account again.. wahahaha .. till i didn't realize the time it was 5am which it is now, so here i am updating my blog where i don't have much word to speak. here i end my word with the next day ...

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