What am i doing ?

IN ma morning today seems sucky

Well, woke up at 9, as usual sure got people call me either on da phone or by my side worse part is when they disturb ur dream during the climax part (haih..*). Sure something not more important than my sleep. Oh gosh, woke up with stone face n do this n that, than check my list of the day as usual. Got to submit mines photo's, print photo's, consult mine and Yvonne photo's, then back to bed i guess. I'm want to vomit ... not feeling good... got back from consultation.(finally). I was almost doomed by printers just now, coz right i went to FIT - printer no ink, FOE - printer got no electric, FCM - printer is under repair @ shop close. CYbERIA - printer is too good but far away from campus ( need to take money first then i tried calling someone 4 help to just drop me from campus to cyberia if she's in campus but the person seems to be sleeping as usual happens lot's of time, i wonder how long she sleeps 1 day) - back to my point, HB4 - printer sucks along with it's printing sucks but i got no choice other than none finally manage to consult. So i got back get my favorite ice cream, bought bread n instant melted rice. Pay for it, however the cashier dun even know how to count ( * I WONdER ) how he got hired. Well my bill was rm 4.70 i gave him 10.70 how ever he decline the 0.70 and return me 5.30. haiz now I'm rich with coins. wallet seems to be "tebal" but wit lots of coin only... wahaha. Beside everything i eat makes me wanna vomit except porrage and ice cream.. tau fu fa yucks, cincau taste suckky i guess i'm not feeling well. Finally submitted my competition pictures.

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