What am i doing ?

Broken with a Comfort along.

It's been long, I've not type a single word or a letter in this blog, I've gone hard times of my life journey this days.

A broken family, seems to be so complicated though life needs to go on. Till my only day comes is when i go to heaven. i felt the emotion from every where coming towards giving such a horror to me. I felt so small, so disappointed, my heart broken into pieces. A loved family shattered within minutes, every hearts fell apart. Solving the problem wasn't the issue but the argument makes it so so so complicated, than a tangled parcel of strings. No one understands how it was to feel about it, till it happen like me. I wondered before what will i do when i get a broken family, what will i feel when it was to be in a broken family. Till it happens .. I was speechless, brainless, was paralyze by what had happen and a total broken in me. All i could do was cry like never before, tears came by dripping on my cheek, sadness showers my days. It's hard when i was then.

All by then it was over the next day, Life got to take on to the next level. Hurts, grief, hatred came by and remain in me. What i was before never the same today. Life being hard so do we, as people says life is a journey where it goes up and down. By then who could help me besides GOD himself ? All that was in my mind was to run to my closest buddy, a brother, and a friend.

Tears drips when i chat with him, tears did not end on the spot but it continues along. Someone i shared to, someone i had cared before came by a moment giving me what i have gave him before. It's a happy thing, the moment i got what i needed the most my snobby face being replaced with a smiley. my tears as in dried up by MR sunshine.

He gave me the best thoughts the best thing that i needed the most at that time. Lending me a shoulder to cry onto, A hug which comforts me, A prayer which heals me a little, It was just a being a friend which makes the other feel belonging as a friend.

There's much to share, there's much to talk about him, As my age goes on i know that he has contribute something in my life.

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